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Role of a teacher

a teacher wishing to be part of the community, register for free, participate in strengthening the knowledge of learners through quizzes that they will make available to students for training, his exam subjects, answers, interacted in the chat, play fun lessons, put tests and documents, etc ...


1) Create an account

2) Create online courses

3) Create online quizes

4) Interact with learners

How it works ?

Teach what you love. InovEdu gives you the tools to create an online course, to monaitise your courses, to earn money thanks to our points system. The more stars you get from learners, the more points you earn the more you get paid. An advantage as a teacher is that you are registered as an expert if any student posts a subject relating to your field to request an expert's correction, then if you are the first to give a correct answer to the question. 'teacher then you earn money on each intervention.

1) Create an account : To register as a teacher

2) Create online courses : Put your courses online in any type (text, document, video)

3) Create online quizes : Create quizzes to assess your students

4) Interact with learners : Participate in the discussion forum to help your students